In the year 1958, Eastern Gate Lodge felt it would be desirable to form a daughter Lodge. At their Lodge Committee Meeting held on 30th July 1958, a sub-committee consisting of W Bro SW Peers, W Bro EJ Bowles and W Bro KA Suckling was appointed to make a feasibility study. The sub-committee, after investigation and discussion with the District Grand Master RW Bro EG Holiday recommended the formation of a daughter Lodge.

The proposed name for the new Lodge was “Lodge Pulau Brani” as Pulau Brani was the birth place of Eastern Gate Lodge. However, the District Grand Master suggested naming the new Lodge “Centenary Lodge” to commemorate the District Grand Lodge Centennial (December 1858 to December 1958). This suggestion was accepted and that was how the Lodge got its name.

Subsequently, a petition was forwarded to the Most Worshipful Grand Master requesting for a Warrant to form a new Lodge named “Centenary Lodge”. As a result, this Centenary Lodge No 7629 EC was constituted by virtue of the Warrant signed on 4th December 1958 by the Most Worshipful Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England.

Centenary Lodge was consecrated on Wednesday 27th May 1959 by R.W. Bro. E.G. Holiday, the District Grand Master. One-hundred-and-forty-six Brethren attended the Consecration Ceremony and on the same day W. Bro. S.W. Peers was installed as Charter Master.

As Centenary Lodge was initially a military Lodge, W. Bro. C.H. Withers-Payne designed the crest for the Lodge Badge and Banner incorporating the emblems of the three services, namely, the Lion, the Anchor, and the Eagle, with Chinese characters “百年” indicating the Centenary (a hundred years) and the Square and the Compasses.

Centenary - consecration

Lodge Profile
Over the years, the membership profile has changed from that of predominantly service personnel to civilian. In the 1980s, Centenary Lodge was known as the Teachers’ Lodge because of the number of members who were serving in education, in particular teachers from UWCSEA. Members are of a very diverse background representing a diverse range of religious beliefs and racial backgrounds.

Of the 76 Founding Members, Bros. R. K. W. Cooley, R. Jumabhoy, and J. H. Savage are still supporting members. Due to the efforts and commitments shown by active Past Masters and the enthusiasm of the Brethren, Centenary Lodge is now enjoying the benefits of a period of sustained growth and good standing.

Lodge Crest
W Bro CH Withers-Payne designed the crest for the Lodge Badge and Banner. The design incorporated the emblems of the three services of Her Majesty’s Forces; the Lion for the Army, the Anchor for the Navy, and the Eagle for the Air Force.

W Bro Yeo Tiam Siew suggested the addition of the Chinese Characters “百年” signifying 100 years to commemorate the District Grand Lodge Centennial Year, and the Square and Compasses signifying Freemasonry.

Centenary Lodge - Lodge Crest