Dear Visitor,

On behalf of the Officers and Brethren of Centenary Lodge registered No. 7629 on the rolls of the  United Grand Lodge of England (English Constitution), I bid you warm and fraternal greetings.

You may be seeking a greater understanding of Freemasonry in general; or are perhaps curious about Centenary Lodge in particular.  Either way, I invite you to explore our website to enquire directly with us to find out more about both Freemasonry and Centenary Lodge.

One story I like to tell is about the time I was reading a book about raising boys, called “The Wonder of Boys”.  One lesson the author, a child counselor, described was about how boys tend to naturally seek out groups to prove their worth and develop their moral codes.  He refers to anthropological evidence that from our early days, human men have frequently proved themselves in initiations to their tribal elders who in turn pass on their moral culture.  The author also noted that in these more modern days of single parent households, that boys, in the absence of good structures (frequently sports) have a tendency to seek out that structure in negative structures like gangs.

Without reading too much into this anthropological view of men, I would simply point out that Freemasonry to me does provide that positive structure to men, and directs their attention in positive aspects of fraternity, charity and truth.

Fraternal aspects of masonry for our lodge include getting together at our lodge bar on Coleman street, social gatherings for BBQ’s, and trips together through the region (both to visit masons and also just for fun).  Charitable activities are ongoing, but supporting a local soup kitchen, dinner events and quiz nights take up a good part of our charitably focused time together.  And we consider ourselves ever on a path of making ourselves better men, and enjoy some the research presentations of our brethren have presented, as well as honing our craft in carrying on the traditional rituals of Freemasonry that have lasted hundreds of years.

Also, I’m proud of the fact that Freemasonry and our Lodge have a reputation of bringing people of different backgrounds together as brothers.  In our lodge, we have Christians, Muslims, Hindu’s and Buddhists who are brothers together.  Our members have backgrounds from Greece and Turkey, Pakistan and India, Singapore and Malaysia, as well as America and China.  While in the rest of the world these religions and regions may be bickering (and in some cases even fighting), but in our Lodge we are brothers.

If you would like to find out more about Centenary Lodge, feel free to enquire within.

Tony Raza
Worshipful Master


Centenary Lodge
No. 7629 E.C.